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Whether you’re a new brand on the block or a well-established business in need of a little TLC, we can help to develop your existing brand or give you a fresh new identity – whatever tickles your fancy.

Let the world know why you’re different

A strong brand identity is an essential component of any well-polished business. Here at CMore Design we are truly nuts about giving your brand that certain je ne sais quoi, if you’ll be so kind as to excuse our French.

Sometimes you need something a little extra to spice up your stationery. We can create letterheads, business card designs and email signatures that suit your style and specifications.

It’s all about the visuals. Make a stand-out statement with our original logo variations, a distinctive colour palette and memorable typography and imagery.



How do we measure up?

Each project is established and developed with the ultimate goal of creating a visually impactful and creatively functional end product, why not take a look at our previous work and see for yourself?

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